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Rule of law drops globally, including in South Africa Adherence to the rule of law is weakening globally, according to a survey released this week that pointed to a decline in 139 countries. The annual WJP Rule of Law Index 2021 is published by the World Justice Project (WJP). “Rule of law is the very foundation of communities of justice, opportunity and peace. Reinforcing that foundation should be a top priority for the coming period of recovery from the pandemic,” says WJP co-founder and chief executive Bill Neukom.  South Africa ranked 52 on the list, keeping the spot it had the previous year, because its overall rule of law score decreased by less than 1%. In 2018, the country came in at 44th out of the 113 countries surveyed. Denmark, Norway, and Finland were the top three performers overall, while Cambodia and Venezuela remained at the bottom. Using national surveys of more than 138 000 households and 4 200 legal practitioners and other experts around the world, the index measures countries’ performance across eight factors: constraints on government powers, absence of corruption, open government, fundamental rights, order and security, regulatory enforcement, civil justice and criminal justice.  Of 33 countries surveyed in the sub-Saharan Africa region, South Africa ranked fifth.  Sub-Saharan Africa’s top performer in the index was Rwanda — which was 42nd out of 139 countries globally — followed by Namibia and Mauritius.  South Africa’s history of how officials funnel state-owned money into their own pockets, resulting in investigations by the Hawks and Special Investigating Unit , might explain the country’s global rank of 65th out of 139 countries on corruption.  Order and security continue to undermine South Africa’s global status — it ranks 118th, down from 2019 when it was 106th.

A general view of Auckland in New Zealand “Our change in strategy is more hints not going to be felt the same by every New Zealander. Those who are wealthy and privileged are going to still live a wealthy and privileged life, where they may not be touched – compared to other communities that may well end up being devastated by it. And that’s the hardest bit for me to get my head around,” Wiles said. “Here was a chance where we could have made things different. And we haven’t.” Announcing the changes, Ardern said, “the activities that are being allowed are not considered high risk in our current situation. But, they will make a material difference in Aucklanders’ ability to maintain the restrictions that do make a difference.” Many Aucklanders will no doubt be relieved to once again see friends and family, and send young children to childcare – although with a week of rain forecast, picnics may not be imminent. — Cassie Roma (she/her) (@cassieroma) October 4, 2021 But on social media, others expressed frustration and sadness. Psychologist Dr Sarb Johal said “People are apprehensive and grieving for the security that the old alert level system brought us for so long.

Los Angeles City College in Los Angeles. The infrastructure bill would have committed $45.5 billion to waive two years of tuition at community colleges for a period of five years. heavily promoted his plan to offer tuition-free community college . He pitched the proposal as crucial to his economic agenda — a way to rebuild the middle class, which he called the “backbone” of America. Nine months into his presidency, Mr. Biden has conceded that the plan is dead for now, a concession to moderate Democrats whose votes are crucial to passing a pared-back version of a sweeping $3.5 trillion social safety net and climate bill. At a CNN town hall on Thursday, Mr. Biden said the provision had to be dropped after Senator Joe Manchin III of West Virginia “and one other person” indicated that they would not support free community college. Instead, Mr. Biden said Democrats would focus on increasing the maximum federal Pell grant award and other forms of tuition assistance. “It’s not going to get us there,” Mr. Biden said.

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"It's incredibly important that we're doing that preparatory work," he said. One of those action items is passing the 80% national vaccination rate. As of September 22, about 38% of Australians had received both doses of a coronavirus vaccine. The national vaccine rollout has been so vital that Australia's tourism board created a special domestic ad urging people to get jabbed. The " It's Our Best Shot for Travel " campaign was unveiled on August 16. "We need to claim back our way of life so that we can visit friends and relatives, get back into the workplace, get our kids back to school, travel domestically and internationally again, and welcome the world back to enjoy all that Australia has to offer," Phillipa Harrison, managing director of Tourism Australia (the country's official national tourism board) said in a press statement when the campaign debuted. Australia's Fraser Island officially restored to Aboriginal name K'Gari International visitors to Australia will need to verify that they are fully vaccinated before entering the country. Australia also plans to test out "vaccine passports" with other countries: Singapore, Japan and the United States are reportedly on the list. Tehan has also been coordinating with the aviation industry. Qantas, the country's national carrier, announced that it would slowly resume international flights beginning in October.