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That's exactly what Georgia Republican Gov. Brian Kemp did over the weekend -- following the Braves series-clinching win over the Los Angeles Dodgers. "While Stacey Abrams and the MLB stole the All-Star Game from hardworking Georgians, the Braves earned their trip to the World Series this season and are bringing it home to Georgia," tweeted Kemp . "Chop On, and Go @Braves!" Kemp is referencing the decision by Major League Baseball to pull its annual All-Star game out of Atlanta following the state's passage of a law that makes it harder for people to vote. Georgia was the first state to make its voting process more stringent in the wake of the 2020 election, which former President Donald Trump insisted was fraudulent despite zero evidence of that being the case. "Georgia will take another step toward ensuring our elections are secure, accessible, and fair," Kemp said at the time of the bill's signing .


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This was also reflected in the findings of the Brydon review.  The changes to the standard do not alter the scope of audit when it comes to fraud. Rather, it seeks to clarify the auditor’s role and objectives in identifying fraud. Nor does it change the emphasis on directors’ responsibilities in tackling fraud; the audit standard change is designed to coincide with the government’s proposed changes to directors’ reporting around fraud.  The new fraud audit standard clarifies the auditor’s objective to “obtain reasonable assurance about whether the financial statements as a whole are free from material misstatement due to fraud, including identifying and assessing risks of material misstatement, and obtaining sufficient appropriate audit evidence.” The standard also addresses the inherent limitations and challenges of an audit in relation to fraud, particularly where management are colluding in fraud. Despite those challenges, it is still the auditor’s responsibility to obtain sufficient, appropriate audit evidence.  “It's really important that the particular challenges in the audit of fraud aren’t used as a reason not to properly plan an audit to deal with the risk of material misstatement due to fraud,” says James Ferris, the FRC’s Director of UK Auditing and Assurance Standards. “It is difficult, but it's still your responsibility.”  The focus of the changes to the standard is the mindset of auditors regarding scepticism and judgement, Ferris explains. These are critical components of any quality audit. “We're really trying to codify: if you're doing a good audit around fraud, this is what it would look like.” The FRC has introduced new requirements for auditors to consider what specialist knowledge and expertise they need to carry out an effective risk assessment for an audit that may have indicators of fraud. “Not every single audit, for example, has to have a forensic accountant, but I think it's part of your risk assessment to determine if you need to have that specialism in the team,” says Ferris. “You must consider the need for these skills at both the risk assessment and the investigation phase so that you can come up with the appropriate response in the circumstances of each specific audit.


The emergency proclamation now covers 50 out of 58 counties as the state experiences depleted water reservoirs amid an ongoing drought. The counties added to the list are San Luis Obispo, Inyo, Marin, Mono, Monterey, San Mateo, Santa Barbara, Santa Cruz and Santa Clara. The governor's order makes it easier for counties to coordinate with the state to address water supply issues. Successfully reducing water usage by 15% would save 850,000 acre-feet of water, which experienced is enough to supply over 1.7 million households for one year, according to the governor's office. Ways to conserve water includes limiting outdoor water use and using recycled water for outside projects, taking shorter showers and only running the dishwasher and washing machine when full, the governor's office said. Hate crimes against Asian and Black people rise sharply in the U.S., FBI says More than three-fourths of the West is in severe drought, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor. A record-setting heatwave fueled by climate change recently sent temperatures into the triple digits in the Pacific Northwest and western Canada and caused hundreds of heat-related deaths. Grid operators in California have also called on residents to limit electricity use in order to avoid blackouts as wildfires begin to scorch the state.


101421Debate_4.JPG “When you have late audits, you are really behind in the information and this money, you need to be accountable,” Vigil Coppler said at a recent candidate forum. The recent discussion about city audits likely will be on voters’ minds with the Nov. 2 election nearing. Both the fiscal year 1980-81 and 1981-82 audits during her stint as personnel director contained qualified opinions, which the investment website Investopedia describes as a situation in which an auditor determines there is a material issue with accounting policies but it’s not one that misrepresents financial facts. The audits’ findings included payroll changes being implemented prior to obtaining the signature of a department supervisor. The audits, conducted by Downey & Sisneros, CPAs, also recommended individual departments take responsibility to check payroll to make sure that paychecks were not issued to nonexistent employees and that proper compensation was being provided to employees based on the compensation scale. On July 29, 1982, Vigil Coppler offered her resignation. According to a resignation letter sent to then-City Manager Jerry Manzagol, Vigil Coppler, then going by JoAnne Vigil, wrote she regretted the city manager and the mayor felt her resignation was a “necessary action.” Vigil Coppler said she wasn’t asked to resign and denied her resignation had anything to do with the findings of the audit. “It was an exempt position,” she said Wednesday. “I am not going to sit around and wait for anything to happen.