Now, how does that stack up to the last few years? In 2020, the fair was canceled, so there is no data available. In 2019, the fair had a record-breaking year with 565,533 people. That means fair attendance was down roughly 12% in 2021 compared to the last fair. It also had the second-lowest attendance of the last few years. “Many families visit the Fair every year. It is an event that adults and kids alike look forward to. It was missed by so many in 2020 and it is clear from attendance and fairgoer feedback that they were very happy to return,” said Georgia National Fairgrounds marketing director, Maggie Dimes.


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Amy Watson She said it would benefit smaller producers to tap into a much wider market and diverse opportunities. “Often the farmers who have benefited from the carbon transactions are much bigger farmers because you need much more land to capitalise on carbon accrue, as opposed to with biodiversity there are more layers that can make up ecological value,” Watson said. “It’s not just understanding the benefit you are giving your own property, but the connection that it has as part of a bigger area and ecosystem. “For me it’s about biodiversity, not just carbon.” Wendy and Peter McDonald, who own a small mixed farm in Caldwell in south-west New South Wales, where they irrigate pasture and run a merino flock, have been part of the Regen pilot, which ended last week. The couple said they had never conducted any transactions as part of the emissions reduction fund but that the pilot had helped them learn how to evaluate their farm and understand its intrinsic value in terms of soil and biodiversity. “We want to be able to keep learning and put in place good programs not just for our generation but generations to come, and protect and enhance the natural assets and biodiversity we have on our farm,” Wendy McDonald said. Ward said farmers were critical to the environmental market and should not be left without power.


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District Court for the Northern District of Texas, resolves a lawsuit filed today by the Department of Justice. The lawsuit alleges that Santander unlawfully denied early motor vehicle lease terminations to ten servicemembers. Under the proposed settlement, Santander must pay $94,282.62 in compensation to the ten aggrieved servicemembers and a $40,000 civil penalty to the U.S. Treasury. As part of the agreement, the company has also updated its SCRA procedures and training. The department’s investigation, which began in 2019, stemmed from a complaint submitted by U.S. Army Captain Eric McDowell. Captain McDowell entered into a three-year lease in October 2017 for a Jeep Grand Cherokee, but he learned in May 2019 that he was going to be deployed to Afghanistan. In August 2019, he returned the vehicle to Santander and tried to terminate the lease, but the company denied his termination request. It was not until February 2020, after the United States had opened its investigation and six months after Captain McDowell returned his vehicle to the dealership, that Santander finally approved the lease termination, voided early termination charges, and refunded the lease amounts that had been paid in advance.


I actually have more energy with it," she said. Andere has filed for disability discrimination with the Illinois Department of Human Rights. The Americans with Disabilities Act provides no protection in Illinois because marijuana remains illegal at the federal level. "I told them on my application I was disabled, and so for them to not give me any other options, I felt that was something I really needed to bring to light," Andere said. In an email, a spokesperson for Silver Cross Surgery center said they "decline to comment on pending legal matters." Andere's attorney said cases like hers are increasing as the patchwork of marijuana laws and policies have not yet been challenged in state courts. "People are beyond confused," said employment attorney David Fish. "People call us up and usually their first response is, I looked on the internet look at here click here now and marijuana is legal and it says in there I can't be fired for using it at work, and then we have to explain that there's this law that says something a little bit different." "I think we need to clean it up, it's long overdue. It's impacting a lot of people," said State Rep. Bob Morgan. Morgan has introduced legislation to challenge Illinois law so most workers or job seekers would not be punished after testing positive for low levels of marijuana, whether recreational or medical. "This law would change the burden in the sense that the individual who fails a drug test alone should not lose their job, and should not be refused an opportunity to work someplace" he explained.