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illustration of a female scientist working in a lab surrounded by calendar sheets with the names of different months click to investigate The population of baboons that I study in Kenya actually sits right at the edge of where the ranges of two different species of baboons meet. And so this population is intermixed between one species, the Anubis baboon, and this other species, the yellow baboon.… We think those patterns of intermixture influence some things about what [the animals] look like, how they behave and so on.… We know that [humans] have also intermixed a lot with some groups that don’t even exist today, like Neandertals and Denisovans. That process of admixture that we observe right now in living primates [is] potentially relevant to understanding our species’s history. What are some of the greatest challenges you’ve faced since 2018? In many ways, I felt very fortunate during the pandemic; as an academic with tenure, I have a secure job. But we were also home with a 3-year-old for a long stretch. I spend usually at least a month a year in Kenya, and I have since 2006. But not in 2020. We had to figure out some way of keeping [the research] continuous without any ability to travel there. We have a permanent staff in Kenya — they are Kenyan — who are very important to us and have been working with our project in some cases for many decades, and they were having their own issues, and isolation, and risks in the face of a lot of uncertainty. I spend a lot of time in my research life thinking about social interactions.

Three South African ministers freed after standoff with veterans More than 50 people are arrested after veterans hold ministers hostage demanding compensation for anti-apartheid fight. South African special forces have freed three government ministers held hostage by veterans demanding compensation for their role in the fight against apartheid, according to officials. The incident occurred in a hotel in the capital, Pretoria, on Thursday night during a meeting with veterans and top government officials, including Minister in the Presidency Mondli Gungubele, Defence Minister Thandi Modise and her deputy Thabang Makwetla. “As we were leaving the meeting, proceeding to the doors, they closed the doors. It was at that point that we realised that we were held hostage,” Gungubele said in a video statement. “It’s a situation which was averted by the security forces, very effectively and successfully.” “We expect the law to follow its course in dealing with behaviour of this nature,” he added. The ministers are leading a team to discuss demands by veterans aligned with the liberation movements that fought to topple white-minority rule more than 20 years ago. Police said 56 people were arrested, and no shots were fired during the incident.

The GEC is intended to formally recognise learners’ achievements at the end of the compulsory phase of schooling. Its primary purpose is to facilitate subject choices beyond Grade 9 and articulation between schools and TVET colleges. Under the current system, hundreds of students leave the school system each year without a qualification, hindering them from finding jobs, the department said. While the department has reiterated that this is not an exit point for learners from the school system, the certificate will provide better decision-making for learners, especially those who may shift focus to more technical subjects and trades instead of a singular focus on a college or university education. As part of the GEC change, the department will be piloting a new assessment model in 2021 which breaks additional reading away from examinations and other summative forms of assessment, to help form a complete form of learners capabilities, says Dr Mark Chetty, director of national assessments at the Department of Basic Education. Chetty said the department plans to introduce new project-based assessments, which will cut across several school subjects and examine how learners integrate information from many areas to solve a problem. A separate ‘inclinations assessment’ will look at a learner’s self-knowledge, including: A learner’s inclinations in terms of career paths; What pathway are they looking at choosing? “In addition, we will maintain the curriculum standard testing  – so that is not lost,” Chetty said. “But when we put all of these elements together will be able to create a dashboard of a more holistic picture of this learner, who at the end of Grade 9 has to choose a specific pathway.” The new certificate is expected to help address South Africa’s high youth unemployment levels – an issue which president Cyril Ramaphosa has warned is South Africa’s ‘most pressing challenge’ right now. Addressing a national teaching conference on 6 October, Ramaphosa said many young South Africans do not have the right skills to succeed in the labour market.