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When asked during an online panel what evidence might persuade her ivermectin didn't work she replied: "Ivermectin works. There's nothing that will persuade me." She told the BBC: "The only issues with the evidence base are the relentless efforts to undermine it." Around the world it was originally not opposition to vaccines but a lack of them that led people to ivermectin. The drug has at various points been approved, recommended or prescribed for Covid in India, South Africa, Peru and much of the rest of Latin America, as well as in Slovakia. Health authorities in Peru and India have stopped recommending ivermectin in treatment guidelines. In February, Merck - one of the companies that makes the drug - said there was "no scientific basis for a potential therapeutic view it effect against Covid-19". In South Africa, the drug has become a battleground - doctors point out the lack of evidence but many patients desperately want access as the vaccine rollout has been patchy and problematic.

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Family: "I have two grown children, 23 and 20, a mother and stepfather who live in Edison." What do you like about living in Skagit County? "I love the natural world of Skagit County. I love the trails, and the ability to walk and be alone in the woods and near the water." What are your hobbies? "I love to write. I am a member of a group of writers from around the county and beyond. Mostly I love to be in the woods with my dog whenever I can." The world would be a better place if: "People understood the stories of others. Empathy and compassion come from that understanding." Interesting fact about me: "I speak Creole. I lived and worked as a journalist in Haiti during the years 1995-2004. That understanding shapes my perspective on much of my life. My youngest daughter was born in Haiti, and we experienced life without much of what we take for granted here in the U.S.: electricity, water, a democratic system of governance, etc." Something that brightens my day: "Talking to my son and daughter on the phone. They always make me laugh." When I was younger, I wanted to be: "A singer.

These can be paired with a slice of homemade pizza, a cheese melt or garlic bread. Noisy Brewing Co is Dunedin's smallest brewery. Another brewery proving good beers come in small batches is Noisy Brewing Co, Dunedin’s littlest brewery, established in 2018. Located down an industrial cul-de-sac in Kaikorai Valley (a 10-minute drive from the Octagon), this family-operated brewery is a bit of a hidden gem, but those who seek it out are quickly converted get more information to its flavour-forward, yet drinkable drops. Head to the cellar door to fill up a rigger, or you might be lucky enough to find it on tap in the city – try craft beer bar Sessions on Princes Street. Arc Brewing Co is located at Blueskin Bay, just north of Dunedin. Drive 20 minutes north of Dunedin on SH1 to get to a destination brewery that’s well worth the trip – Arc Brewing Co, at Blueskin Bay.

An Afghan woman whose father and fiancé both died in the last U.S. drone strike in Kabul before American troops withdrew from Afghanistan. Kirby, the Defense Department’s chief spokesman. Mr. Kirby said Dr. Kwon had recounted Mr. Ahmadi’s work with the aid group over many years as an electrical engineer, “providing care and lifesaving assistance for people facing high mortality rates in Afghanistan.” The Pentagon statement came after Mr. Ahmadi’s family members in Kabul complained that American officials had not contacted them about relocating to the United States or offering condolence payments. Pentagon officials said on Friday that no specific amount for condolence payments was discussed in Thursday’s meeting, but that it would be in future discussions between the department and the aid organization and its lawyers, who are acting on behalf of the family in Afghanistan. Congress has authorized the Pentagon to pay up to $3 million a year for payments to compensate for property damage, personal injury or deaths related to the actions of U.S. armed forces, as well as for “hero payments” to the family members of local allied forces, such as Afghan or Iraqi troops fighting Al Qaeda or ISIS. Condolence payments for deaths caused by the American military have varied widely in recent years.