They clashed with police as they tried to paint the words "Freedom for Misha" -- his nickname -- on a fence surrounding the facility, the Sputnik Georgia news outlet reported. The ex-president's supporters have pledged to continue rallying to call for his release. Saakashvili declared a hunger strike after being jailed on Oct. 1. His lawyer said he was in good spirits but that his health had begun to deteriorate and that he had lost a lot of weight, RIA news agency reported on Friday. Saakashvili, who led the Rose Revolution in 2003 that ended the presidency of Eduard Shevardnadze, is a charismatic figurehead for some in the opposition, but is derided as a clown by detractors in the ruling Georgian Dream party. Georgian Dream won 46.7% at the local elections last weekend, beating the United National Movement opposition party founded by Saakashvili that received 30.7%.

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Melia was jailed for three months earlier this year on charges of fomenting violence, which he rejected as politically motivated. His release in May was part of an EU-brokered agreement aimed at resolving Georgia's political crisis. Saturday's election was overshadowed by the return and arrest of Saakashvili, president from 2004-2007 and 2008-2013, who had been living in exile and was convicted in absentia 2018 of abuse of office. Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili said on Sunday Saakashvili would serve his full term of six years in prison. The country of around 3.9 million has faced a political standoff since a disputed election last year, which prompted the main opposition party to boycott the parliament. read more A mission of observers from the OSCE said in a statement Saturday's local election had been "marred by wide-spread and consistent allegations of intimidation, vote-buying, pressure on candidates and voters, and an unlevel playing field," although candidates were able to campaign freely. The outcome is likely to buoy the ruling party, whichhad agreed at one point to hold a new parliamentary election if its vote share in the local poll was below 43%.Political analysts had said a failure to exceed that threshold could have inspired opposition demonstrations. "It is very important that today one more step towards democracy and stabilisation was made," President Salome Zourabichvili was quoted as saying by Russia's TASS news agency, describing the election as calm, safe and fair. Saakashvili's return created fresh drama. The authorities said they had warned him he would be arrested if he returned. In a statement released after his arrest, he blamed his detention on court decisions manufactured by his old foe, Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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The opportunity is extended to all student-athletes in all at yahoo 21 of the school's varsity sports including the No. 1-ranked Georgia Bulldogs football team. The potential collaboration with TBG creates new opportunities for Georgia's student-athletes to profit off their NIL using the school's official trademarks and logos. Georgia, which finished 10th in last year's Learfield Directors Cup standings, has one of the nation's most successful and storied athletic programs. Aside from the success of the Bulldogs football team, the university has fielded national champions in a host of sports in recent years, ranging from its track and field teams to its equestrian squad. The introduction of group licensing rights figures to create an environment of new financial opportunities for both male and female student-athletes from multiple sports. "We put in great time and effort in creating a comprehensive NIL program that would educate and prepare our student-athletes to maximize the new college athletics landscape," J. Reid Parker Director of Athletics said. "The opportunity to work with The Brandr Group and the additional education provided by Altius Sports Partners are key pieces to help our student-athletes build their NIL brand in a dynamic way." The opportunity with The Brandr Group allows for the collective use of student-athletes' NIL in licensing and marketing programs, co-branded with Georgia's logos and marks. Student-athletes will have the option to voluntarily join a group licensing program. TBG will facilitate group licensing opportunities on behalf of Bulldog student-athletes, and the program does not limit individual NIL rights.